5 reasons to get a water tank

There's plenty of reasons, but here's 5 of the best

Is it worth getting a water tank?

Rainwater tank

Water tanks are an underrated asset to your property or business. Water conservation has a great number of advantages to all of us – so we’ve compiled a quick top 5 reasons as to why you should get yourself (and everyone you know) a water tank. Anyone can appreciate what a water tank can do – for you, your family and your community. 

Reason number one: More water for you and your family 
As Australians, we are no stranger to water restrictions due to droughts. Water restrictions mean: no watering the lawn, no watering the garden, no washing the car etc, etc. This is a list of big inconveniences to your day-to-day life BUT these restrictions are important. Get yourself a water tank that isn’t connected to mains water – those restrictions are no longer your problem. If everyone kept this little fact in mind, we probably wouldn’t have water restrictions. If you know how much space you have available, you can check your potential water capacity here. 

Reason number two: They’re useful when there’s too much rain. 

You can actually help reduce flooding Yes. You can help reduce flooding by having a water tank. Again, far more effective when more people have water tanks and that’s why we’re pushing it! 5000 litres (a nice, standard water tank capacity) is nothing to laugh at and when your neighbourhood has hundreds of houses feeding into your storm water drains – it really starts to matter, especially when sometimes the difference between houses flooding can be millimeters. If that 5000 litres is going elsewhere, say, a water tank – it helps. But when every house has a water tank, it changes everything. 

Reason number three: They last a long time (with maintenance) Don’t worry – it’s not a lot of maintenance. 

Just lean in every now and then, clean the strainer out and maybe every few years hire someone to clean the sediment build up out of the water. Do that and your new metal water tank will last. All reputable, corrosive-resistant steel comes with a 20 year warranty against corrosion and a decent manufacturer will give you at least 5 years on their workmanship. That means you’ll pay a lot less for something that is going to last longer than your car and actually keeps money in your pocket. 

Reason number four: They could save your property 

You live in Australia so bush fires are always a real threat. As a result, it is a requirement to have a water tank for fire fighting when you live in a designated fire fighting zone. When you have a metal water tank built on your property with a Stortz fitting installed, the local fire fighters can hook in and protect your property and your neighbours. Pretty clear cut reason to get a water tank, especially if you live rural – just make sure it’s metal or concrete, otherwise it won’t do. 

Reason number five: It’s good for the environment and our infrastructure

It may not be at the top of everyone’s priority list but it really is still incredibly important. We have a massively growing population which is putting more pressure on infrastructure and we need to adjust accordingly. Our dams are limited, especially in times of drought. Water conservation efforts take pressure off of our dams. Metal water tanks are also 100% recyclable, unlike the alternatives, so you won’t be contributing to the increasing number of plastic tanks that are leaking with no where to go but a land fill. If a metal water tank does break down, any water tank manufacturer can remove and replace the tank and have the material broken down, no hassle. 

So that’s just a couple of reasons why you should get a water tank. If you’re ever unsure about whether or not you should take the plunge, breeze over these reasons again and you should come to the right conclusion.

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