No access water tank

Take a look at how we built a water tank where you can't put a water tank.

Access door


Our only access to the tank pad was through this door - less than a metre wide.

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Water usage

Water is pumped up from the dam for irrigation and fire-fighting

Water tank


3m diameter
3m height
20,000 litres

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The issue

Getting a 20,000 litre water tank into a dedicated room underneath a house - after the house was built.

Just to provide some context: your typical residential water tank is built to completion by the manufacturer and delivered to site ready for installation. In this case - that was not possible.

Diesel pump system

The purpose of this water tank is to pump water from the near-by dam to supply the entire property. The water will be utilised for irrigation of the 5 acres and fire-fighting. The diesel powered pump system is integrated with an external sprinkler system that would activate in the event of the fire - protecting the house from a fire.

The size

This water tank is 3000mm in diameter and 3000mm in height.
The only access point to the tank site was through a personal access door measuring 900mm wide and 2100mm in height - your everyday household door

Our solution

This water tank was prepared in our factory in Morisset and assembled to ensure that it would meet our client's exact dimensions. It was then disassembled and packaged for delivery. Upon delivery, all components were brought into the tank site for re-assembling. The tank was built and sealed with-in the same day with no complications. 

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  • Build water tank in our factory in Morisset
  • Dismantle the tank and deliver to Avoca
  • Bring all components into the "water tank room"
  • Build the water tank on-site and seal it
And there you have it - a water tank built where it normally would not be possible