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Steel water tanks manufactured locally and delivered to site in Newcastle


Water tanks newcastle

Newcastle has outdone itself as one of the fastest growing cities in NSW via it's beach culture, growing industry and tourism. Newcastle continues to attract more and more people as a realistic alternative to Sydney and it's not hard to see why.

The increasing population has led to an increased need for rainwater storage to accommodate new estates and reduce pressure on established storm water systems.

Thanks to our great location in Morisset - just 30 minutes away - we are in a great position to supply steel water tanks in Newcastle and the surrounding suburbs.

Our mission

We aim to supply Newcastle with a local and Australian owned steel water tank manufacturer. We work with local trades, resellers and builders to accomplish this.

Water tanks Newcastle

Suitable water tanks in Newcastle

In short, all of them.

Water tanks for Basix requirements

In NSW, all new dwellings require to meet certain standards to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. BASIX (or Building Sustainability Index) is a scheme introduced by the government of New South Wales to regulate the energy efficiency of residential buildings. One of the most cost effective methods of satisfying BASIX requirements is having a rainwater tank. Rainwater can safely be used for toilets and laundry - reducing household water consumption significantly.

Water tanks for bush fire prone areas

When submitting plans for the construction of a new home or a home renovation in a bushfire prone zone, you may be required to include a water storage system for firefighting purposes, which should always have sufficient water available in the event of a fire.

On-site detention water tanks

Coast and Country manufacture can provide a variety of Onsite Stormwater Detention (OSD) tanks to your specifications. You will typically require an OSD tank during a knock-down/rebuild where the roof of the new structure is larger than the original. This places more pressure on the established storm water systems - increasing the chances of flooding. OSD tanks are a cost-effective method of reducing this pressure. They are also common when a lot of new units or projects are being built in an established area. OSD tanks will slowly release captured water into the storm water systems. You can even have a combination detention / reuse tank and keep some of the water for yourself.
This type of water tank is often required by council.

Personal use / Personal supply

There are many rural areas on the outer suburbs of Newcastle - many of which do not have access to mains water supply. A rainwater tank is a great solution for this. Our water tanks are safe for drinking (with proper filtration systems installed) and, as with all other water tank types, suitable for laundry and toilets.

Manufacturing in Newcastle

We employ local people and manufacture for the local community